Above pouch owned by Walter Smith III
Several Fitted Configurations
Alto Pouch: $27-30
Tenor Pouch: $30-34
Baritone Pouch: $27-30

I began making sax neck pouches when I wanted something original for my own saxophones.  I use double thickness of soft fabric outside and inside for protection of your saxophone neck.  No scratchy zippers, no tangling ties.  Available for any size saxophone neck. Examples shown below are for Tenor Sax with mouthpiece attached and Alto Sax without mouthpiece attached.   Many durable and elegant fabrics available.
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Above pouch owned by Todd Feeney
Above:  Pouch for Tenor Saxophone with attached mouthpiece  - Fabric:  Crescent Moon in Garnet

Above pouch owned by Carol Steffens
Above:  Pouch for Tenor Saxophone without mouthpiece attached -
Fabric:  Crescent Moon in Bronze (supply limited) Leopard lining. 
Above:  Pouch for Alto Saxophone without mouthpiece attached - Fabric:  Hearst Castle in blue (blue no longer available.)

Above:   Tuck the pouch with neck inside the bell of your saxophone...

The saxophone neck is safely stowed in the bell or will fit nicely in the compartment of your saxophone case. 

Crescent Moonvelvety & silky
 Above:  Bronze (supply limited, send me a message)
Above:  Jasper, Peacock, Garnet, Misty
Above:  Ecru, Khaki, Sage

Tron velvety w/silky dots
 Above:  Pepper, Charcoal, Ruby (Sorry, Ruby is no longer Available), Flannel
 Above:  Tiger Eye, Taupe, Solas

Garbo:  velvety & silky damask
 Above:   Taupe, Medallion
 Above:  Jasper, Sauterne, Goldleaf, Peridot
 Above:  Garnet (Sorry, Garnet is no longer available), Platinum, Truffle, Aubergine (Aubergine supply is limited, send me a message)

India:  velvety & silky damask
 Above:  Coffee (Sorry, "Coffee" is no longer available), Smoke
 Above:  Tobacco
 Above:  Mist, Parchment, Sisal, Mushroom

Bhuu Damask:  damask
 Above:  Rust Red, Tan Denim, Grey Gold

Spaceshipvelvety & silky

Above:  Quartz
Space Cowboy:  velvety & silky
 Above:  Oasis
 Above:  Tropic
 Above:   Stardust
 Above:  Camouflage
 Above:  Shale
Above:  Quartz
 Above:  Mahogany

Wildwood:  velvet & damask
 Above:  Meadow, Cinnabar

Hearst Castle:  velvety & silky
  Above:  Piedra (Limited supply---enough for an alto pouch without mouthpiece attached)

Patchouli: (a four-square pattern) velvety & silky
 Above:  Fern, Antique

  Above:  Turquoise, Walnut

Customer Reviews: 
Hey Toni thanks for checking in. Love it. I had my last one for a few years and this is way better quality so I expect to have it for a while. Thanks again and I'll definitely recommend it to other people if they ask. All the best !  ~Walter Smith III

Thank you so much for the alto neck pouch you made me, I absolutely love it! You chose a wonderful color and beautiful pattern that looks great on its own and in my case and the quality of construction is spectacular. I will be sure to share your services with my fellow musicians and I hope you keep up the great work. All the best.~ Shaya Bornstein



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