Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just for fun, I pulled up some of my encaustic paintings ranging wide in color variation, and then looked through my stash of interiors photos for rooms that may engage in conversation with them....


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a Dog's Week

Above:  Harri and Ender in the cool pool at Camp Bow Wow late this Fall

Harri in the sun room during our first snowfall, for the first time without her "bro".  My two house mates told me that after Ender was gone, whenever I left the house Harri howled for at least an hour in her loneliness.
I decided to search the local Humane Society website for a small companion dog for Harri.

Low and behold, a most unusual find, a greyhound at the Humane Society.  Usually greyhounds come through retired racer adoption groups.  Apparently Penny (15-month-old white greyhound with copper-colored spots) was purchased as a puppy from a breeder.  In her former home, she was doted upon by her dad.  Unfortunately, Penny got into mom's chickens once too often.  When mom said, "that's enough!", tearful dad took Penny to the Humane Society.  I saw Penny on the website only the second evening she was at the facility.  Yes, I was searching for a small companion dog, but this sweet young greyhound was hard to resist.  I call her my "58-pound Chihuahua". 

Harri and Penny together in the sun room.

 In Penny, I discovered a "fan" of my saxophone playing.  Well, at least I believe she has an "affinity" for my music.

The first time I picked up my sax to play after Penny's arrival, she howled all the way through P. Martini's Gavotte.    It looks as though . . . . . . . . . . we still have a howling hound.  ;o)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Pet Portrait Christmas Gift

This is my portrait of Kobe.  Kobe belonged to my niece's family.  Kobe and my own 13-1/2 year-old greyhound, Ender both went to the Rainbow Bridge this Thanksgiving under different circumstances.  I've already paid tribute here to my hound.

Kobe, as my niece tells me, was a bold and brave dog in a little package, carrying his responsibility of protecting the family with great seriousness.  He was a black miniature Schnauzer who had no hesitation chasing off all manner of wildlife from the family property---including moose!!!  My niece commissioned this portrait of Kobe for her daughter (my great-niece) who requested it for her Christmas gift.
Dear D.E.T.:    I so enjoyed painting this portrait of your "favorite guy", With much love,  Aunt Toni (aka Sparky).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Pet Portrait

Friday, December 14, 2012

Beginning a new pet portrait

I'm just beginning this fun portrait of an adorable dog. Makes me laugh---he's such a cutie. I'll post again when the painting is complete.  ~Sparky

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cottage in the City

 Above:  An unusual cottage home in an unusual setting for the city

Above:  Entry


Above:  Living room
  Above:  Tiny, but functional original kitchen.  With very careful planning, I was able to design an area and squeeze in a dishwasher (shown above) and coffee station (shown below).
 Above:  Dining area with tall windows make it easy for the dogs to keep tabs on what's happening on 
the street.  I had the dining chair slip covers made from Tricia Guild fabric samples---three coordinating different patterns for the six chairs.
  Above:  Dining alcove, door with trompe l'oeil painted panels.  Christmas cards on the window blinds.

 Above:  Dining alcove with view of camellia bushes through the window
Above:  My subconscious was carrying the above image when I pulled together this little dining alcove:  The Dessert Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse.

 Above:   The quality of light coming in from the eastern window inspired my painting below...
Above:  Watercolor painting Seattle Winter Table (Toni Youngblood, 2012)
 Above:  Dining buffet
 Above:  Temporary solution to a boring door:  Chalk drawing of panels and a red cat.
 Above:  A peak into the cottage studio
 Above:  Master cottage bedroom, chandelier brought back from Sicily.
 Above:  Painting of greyhound, Cricket.  (Toni Youngblood)

 Above:  Guest room
 Above: Another view of the Guest room

 Above:  Bathroom (with lovely fir wood floors and original clawfoot tub)

 Above:  Garden gate with a peak at the garden shed upon which is painted:  "Life in the village is sweeter."
 Above:  Garden shed
  Above:  Garden shed "reliquary" wall

Above:  Home Sweet Home for me for five years where warm memories were created with loving friends.



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