Monday, June 27, 2011

Tables on Wheels

Above photo:  Gae Aluenti's Tavolo con Ruote Table

I get a kick out of tables on wheels---possibly because I've rearranged my furniture so often and like the idea of making pieces more mobile?  I like the industrial look of casters as well.  I have a collection of images of tables, mostly coffee table height, on wheels in my design files and wanted to post a few.  I plan to transform an old door (with a big hole in it) that came out of the back room remodel into a mobile coffee table when I locate the appropriate casters.

An aside:  The Italian architect, lighting, interior and industrial designer, Gae Aluenti created a few tables on wheels of her own.  More about this prolific designer here.

Above:  This one looks like an Ikea Lack table top, on casters.

Above:  Directly inspired by Gae Aluenti's Tavolo con Ruote Table?

Above:  Display case table on wheels?

Above:  Fruit crates with a glass topper?

Above:  OK, this is not really a table, but more of a daybed made from pallets and casters.

Above:  More of the pallet-like aesthetic

Above:  Kind of a butcher block look with a well-turned wheel

Above:  A glass topper and a storage shelf below

Above:  A nice big surface useful for all the occupants of the seating (though the table needs to creep up a little closer)

Above:  Stacked drawers on wheels as a bedside table?

Above:  A plain old chest refreshed into an industo-chest with the addition of big casters and knotted rope for drawer pulls.

Above: Small-ish table, BIG wheels

Above:  Another pallet-type table painted and used on the patio

Above:  Another version of a set of bedside drawers on wheels

Above:  This table makes use of "legs" (bolting on 4x4's) to raise the height before adding the casters.
Above:  I'm pretty sure this is an Ikea hack making use of a shelf unit, adding casters and a cushion on top for a mobile storage bench.

Above photo:  Gae-Aluenti-Tour-Table

And here we are back to a Gae Aluenti piece---more of a tea table height making use of bicycle wheels!


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